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 Free eBook Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis
Download Word Power Made Easy  PDF free

Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis

A great concept by Norman Lewis. This book is excellently written for improvement of vocabulary and grammar. The mechanism of the book is the easiest of all that one can find.
The book is divided parts, each part is divided into chapters and each chapter is divided into sessions. Now, each chapter begins with a session containing 10 basic words with detailed explanations for easy memorization. After you memorize the 10 words, you proceed to the next sessions of the chapter in which the 10 words are broken down into the root words. Now, from each root word, number of other words which are built on the same root word are explained briefly and clearly. So, this mechanism allows you to memorize more than 100 words from 10 basic words.
Further, the book has ''Review'' and ''Test Your Learning'' sessions through which you can never forget the words you have learnt.
Further, the book is written in so simple language that even a child can read it very easily.
The book is easy to avail and is much cheaper than any other books of the similiar category.


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