Download High School English Grammar and Composition PDF free

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Download High School English Grammar and Composition PDF free

Author: P.C. Wren, H. Martin, N.D.V.Prasada Rao 

Publisher: S Chand & Co Ltd; Revised edition

Date: March 1, 1995

Format: pdf

Language: English 

ISBN10:  8121900093

Page: 431

ISBN13: 978-8121900096

Description  :

High School English Grammar and Composition  byP.C. Wren, H. Martin, N.D.V.Prasada Rao

High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren and Martin is one of the foremost and popular books on English Grammar to be published in India. The book still finds a mention as one of the most popular books in the history of English Grammar.

Summary of the Book

High School English Grammar and Composition, written by P.C. Wren and H. Martin is a well known book that's been followed religiously by bibliophiles from around the world. This is just one among the many textbooks that were written by popular linguists Martin and Wren with the core content focusing on English grammar. The book was primarily penned down for the children of British officials during the British Raj in India.

They were immensely popular in Pakistani and Indian schools post the British era and even in missionary educational institutions in Burma. This series of books was published in the year 1935 with a composition that was added later. The material that can be found in these works is mostly based on the book The Manual of English Grammar and Composition by the renowned author J.C. Nestfield.

The other books in this series are A First Book of English Grammar and Composition, A Final Course of Grammar and Composition and Elementary English Grammar.

About Wren and Martin

Percival Christopher Wren was a British writer who wrote mostly adventure fiction. He was in military service for a few years under the British Raj in India. Wren is remembered for his work Beau Geste. He also worked with the Educational Inspectorate for Sind and delivered regular lectures at a teacher's training college between 1903 and 1907 

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